RH Counterexample Search
RH Counterexample Search Searching for Riemann Hypothesis counterexamples using Golang

In this project, I recreate a Python project that inspired me, to find out counterexamples of Riemann Hypothesis by searching across integers, in Golang.

This includes setting up a project using git, test-driven development, using a database, deploying the project on cloud, scaling and productionizing.

AWS Instance Recommender
AWS Instance Recommender Identify the cheapest combination of AWS nodes required to support a use case for a specified amount of CPU/RAM

The optimization problem is solved by expressing it as a linear programming equation and solving it using the PuLP package in python.

Plagiarism Detection in Competitive programming
Plagiarism Detection in Competitive programming Detecting Plagiarism using code similarity analysis

This project was done in a personal capacity as a way to automate manual detection of plagiarism for a campus recruitment drive.

Automatic Duolingo Streak Saver
Automatic Duolingo Streak Saver Automatically purchase the Streak freeze to protect your Duo streak!

Duolingo has the concept of a “streak freeze” in the in-app shop by which you can spend the Duo currency you’ve earned by advancing across levels to buy a component in-app which prevents you to from losing your hard-earned streak, just for that day. Once the streak freeze is used, you have to buy a new one from the market again in order to be able to use it. What if you’re out for multiple days in a row and you’re not in a position to play/buy the streak freeze?

CompareDF An R package to compare two Dataframes

This package has been on CRAN since 2016 with two major releases and many minor/patch releases and Has 70+ stars, with 80K downloads, currently averaging ~2000 downloads per month.